Icelandic bible

I can not find out how to request a bible , sorry, but I am intrested in using the Icleandic bible, I know it is avalible  on biblegatway and youverison.

Another thing , using scriptures on Easy worship 7  I have problem. When I click on the first verse it comes alright , but next verse will divide it self into 4-8 slides , so it is in many parts. I am using OBS theme .

Scroll down the main forum page to the Bible Requests section.

In EasyWorship, click on Edit > Options > Scripture and uncheck the box to Automatically Flow Scriptures to Multiple slides. But if you do that, you will probably also want to check the box to Break on new verse.

The Bibles are available to download on the other computers that are tied to your account. You just need to install them. word hurdle

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