Turn off Auto-Expand on the Schedule

Did you know you know you can turn off the auto expand feature on a schedule? If you drag and drop items into the schedule and you get annoyed like I do that the song or presentation expands automatically before I can drop it in the right place, you will want to know about this feature.

Right-click on any item in your schedule and uncheck the option to 'Auto-Expand Items When Dragging'.

Now you can drag and drop to the schedule without things moving around on you.

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tThere is a way to do it in ease of access center under windows 7.  But I do not see this option in Win10.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  It is driving me crazy.  I don't understand why they keep putting this feature in.  How often do people have to post this question (win7, win 8) before you guys get the idea that this is not what we want!  Or make the option to turn it off easily accessible. 

Oliverwalls25. I don't understand what you're asking about. This thread is about easily disabling the auto expand option in the Schedule in EasyWorship. Just right click an item in the Schedule and uncheck the Auto expand option when dragging. This is not a windows ease of access thing. It doesn't matter what version of windows you have, you set this setting in EW.

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