Saved songs and scriptures on 2 computers

We have recently installed Easy Worship 7 on our church computer and on my laptop at our home.    We did not see the Schedule of Songs that we used last Sunday at church on my laptop at home.  Also, will the Bible translations that I purchased tonight at home show up at the church computer?  We really do like it so since we've been using the past 3 weeks or so.


Mike Jones

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How can I back up my easy worship program with all its content?

Peggy Mercer
They will only appear on the physical computer that you installed them on. To have on another computer you would need to copy the schedule to the other computer(s). Open the schedule in the other computer and use the "Check Schedule for Changes" option to copy the songs, backgrounds, presentations, etc. to that computer's databases.

The Bibles are available to download on the other computers that are tied to your account. You just need to install them.

Dianne Watkins




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