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 When I have Easy Worship live and change to the next slide it flashes my desktop while changing the slide. Is there a way to stop it from doing that?

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Does it do this for songs, scriptures and EW presentations or is it only doing it during PPT presentations?

It does it when changing between PPTs and the songs. And occasionally between songs.

We have the same issue "desktop showing on live output between PPT's and songs" with the latest version EW7.

We tried different desktops and laptops. It appears on all machines.

However it does not appear on the old EW version 2009. Is there a solution for this problem yet.

We are having this same issue and can't find a fix.  Did anyone else find a resolution?

If it does NOT happen in EW 2009, but does happen in EW7, especially the latest builds of EW 7 more than likely the computer hardware does not meet or exceed the System Requirements, especially the graphics requirements. EW2009 will run well on computers that have the fraction of the computer horsepower required for EW 7.

And when you check the system requirements make sure you are matching the HARDWARE requirements with the intended DISPLAY requirements. By that I mean don't try to run High Definition motion backgrounds to 1080p screens and a foldback screen with a computer that just meets the MINIMUM requirements. You absolutely MUST match and scale your intended display arrangement to the proper hardware.

Donal, Thanks for the reply. We don’t meet the specifications but up until about 1-2 months ago it was working fine. We are not sure what changed to make this “feature” come to life. It’s just a momentary flash of the desktop when switching between powerpoint presentations in EW. Not happening between songs or other media. We are having issues with or without fold back enabled and nor does it matter if any motion graphics are being used in the saved file. It seems to be an issue between PPT and EW7 latest build. I checked both office 365 and EW and both are up to date. Open to suggestions. Like I said, nothing has changed hardware wise, only auto updates would have been applied by MSFT or EW. I also updated NVIDIA drivers to see if that made a difference and it did not. I went as far as setting up the computer to always use NVIDIA vs onboard etc.. nothing worked. That actually made it worse.

Try rolling back to EW That tends to work better on older and/or less powerful systems that don't meet the requirements for EW. 

You can find that download at the bottom of the linked EW& Download page. 

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