[v7 General Discussion] Message Alert Missings?

I can't seem to find Message Alerts in v7.1.2 - I just get Nursery Alerts when I select Alerts. It wasn't there in v7.0 so left till I'd upgraded. Message Alerts is ticked in Options and I've tried unticking/ticking. This database started life as EW2007 if that makes any difference, had a brief life in EW6 then on to EW7. Thx

Brilliant - that's sorted it! I had explored those dots - goodness knows how/when it had got like that. Church machine was fine - just mine.
At the bottom of the window, do you see 4 dots in a row and then another 6 dots below it?

If so, the Message Alert box has been collapsed. You can click-and-drag the 4 dots up to undo it.
It's definitely ticked.
I would check under EDIT//OPTIONS//ALERTS and make sure that it is not unchecked on Enable Message Alerts.
No I just get Nursery Alerts from Alerts hence the question!

If you click on ALERTS at the top you have the Nursery Alerts and at the bottom you have Message Alerts.