[v7 General Discussion] EW 7 Beta

Thanks to the developers for adding and UNDO during editing. There will be many happy EW users for this feature.
Thanks for the ability to have two lines of text on the foldback monitors, our stage singers will love this.
Thanks for the other new features now available.
Thanks heaps for adding NDI support to EW. When people get to know what this can do, I am sure many users will also be very thankful.

I have given this version a workout at home over the last couple of days with no issues. I have loaded it onto the church PC and will give it a try this weekend.

Looking forward to some other promised features as well.
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It's too bad we have to pay to get that undo feature. It should have been included in v.6 from the beginning. I waited for 2 years for that to be included in an update. We were told they were working on it. EW 9 was a great program and very solid. I don't think I can trust a new version.