[v7 General Discussion] Message Alert Missings?

I can't seem to find Message Alerts in v7.1.2 - I just get Nursery Alerts when I select Alerts. It wasn't there in v7.0 so left till I'd upgraded. Message Alerts is ticked in Options and I've tried unticking/ticking. This database started life as EW2007 if that makes any difference, had a brief life in EW6 then on to EW7. Thx


If you click on ALERTS at the top you have the Nursery Alerts and at the bottom you have Message Alerts.
No I just get Nursery Alerts from Alerts hence the question!
I would check under EDIT//OPTIONS//ALERTS and make sure that it is not unchecked on Enable Message Alerts.
It's definitely ticked.
At the bottom of the window, do you see 4 dots in a row and then another 6 dots below it?

If so, the Message Alert box has been collapsed. You can click-and-drag the 4 dots up to undo it.
Brilliant - that's sorted it! I had explored those dots - goodness knows how/when it had got like that. Church machine was fine - just mine.