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Additional Display Copyright Information Options

Is there a way to have the copyright / CCLI information only display on 1 song slide vs all of them? We would like to have it only display on the 1st slide (our Title' slide. I saw FAQ discussion on this back in 2009 but couldn't find anything sooner. Nor could I find a resolution to what we're requesting. A drop down option at the 'Display Copyright Information' of which slide (first, last, all) to have it displayed on would be nice.....

In EW7, we now have the ability to add this information only to the first slide.

What about an option for the last slide as well?

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I see the V7 has implemented this for the first slide only. We would prefer to see the copyright info on the last side only as an indicator that end of song has been reached. Great for performers and congregation alike. Any chance that Fred's expanded suggestion could be implemented?


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