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Ability to set Default Themes for Current Schedule

This would end up being a hybrid of the EW6 and 2009 approaches. Currently, you can select a default song, scripture and presentation theme, which is applied when none is selected explicitly.

I would like the ability to add a new layer that would override "Default" but not any explicitly defined themes that would apply to the Current Schedule only. That way, I can add songs with the "Current Theme" without setting it as the theme for the next time I build a schedule. It could even default to "Inherit", so it would be indistinguishable from the current mode until it was needed. The management could be just one more option wherever "Default" is selected- right clicking on the theme and selecting as Schedule Default would make it active, and it should also be displayed in the tool bar (the "Black/Clear/Go Live level) to make it clear that it's overriding the global default theme.

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