Ability to set Default Themes for Current Schedule

This would end up being a hybrid of the EW6 and 2009 approaches. Currently, you can select a default song, scripture and presentation theme, which is applied when none is selected explicitly.

I would like the ability to add a new layer that would override "Default" but not any explicitly defined themes that would apply to the Current Schedule only. That way, I can add songs with the "Current Theme" without setting it as the theme for the next time I build a schedule. It could even default to "Inherit", so it would be indistinguishable from the current mode until it was needed. The management could be just one more option wherever "Default" is selected- right clicking on the theme and selecting as Schedule Default would make it active, and it should also be displayed in the tool bar (the "Black/Clear/Go Live level) to make it clear that it's overriding the global default theme.

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· How would you like the feature to work?

Currently, the user can edit the theme background of a single song in an existing schedule by dragging and dropping the theme onto the song in the schedule.  We would like to expand on that capability such that the user can select multiple songs in a schedule for theme changes.   In this way, at any time as/when required, the user could select two or more songs in a schedule and "drop" a theme on the multiple selected songs to update the theme associated with the songs. 

· Why is this feature important to you?

This is fundamental to how we set up our Masses and other Liturgical and Ecumenical events.   

· Our Parish has prepared a series of Schedule Templates with standard prayers and responses pre-loaded with placeholder songs (blank song files named for the applicable part of the Mass) to mark any places in the schedule where songs or seasonal prayers need to be added.

· Separate templates are developed for Regular Masses, Funerals, Baptisms, and any special Masses or services related to the changing liturgical seasons or special outreach events. 

· The leaders of our various Music groups are provided a Template document that they in turn fill in with the songs to be performed at each mass / event.

· Upon receipt of a Music Ministry Schedule document, the Scheduler opens the EW Template for that event, and selects “Saved as” and labels it with the date and time and nature of the Mass or service it will be used at.   The Scheduler then replaces the placeholders with the required songs and prayers by dropping them into the appropriate section. 

· To complete the Schedule, the user goes to Themes > Songs and drags the theme over the song / psalm / prayer to apply a liturgical season based theme or a Gospel Reading related theme to update the song / psalm / prayer background.

· With 17+ songs / psalms / prayers per service multiplied by to 300 masses, 200+ baptism services, 120+ Funerals and 30 Weddings per year, not including Christmas, New Years, Lent, Holy Week and Easter, anything EW can do to help facilitate background / theme management / editing would be a tremendous asset.  


As noted, in EW 2009, changing backgrounds in a schedule was a simple click in the background section.  In EW7, this functionality seems to have been lost.

Yes please!

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