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EasyWorship allows you to use videos as an individual schedule item, as a background, or as an element in a presentation. The following steps will show you how to add videos to the EasyWorship media area and how to use them.

Adding Videos

EasyWorship can import videos that you have produced, or additional videos you have purchased.

In the Resource Area

  1. Click the Media tab.
  2. Click the Videos tab.
  3. Click the Add button at the bottom of the video resource list to access the Add Videos dialog box.
  4. Locate and highlight the video or videos that you want to import.
  5. Click Open.

NOTE: You can drag-and-drop a video from Windows File Explorer or the desktop into the Videos Resource Area.

Adding Videos From the Media Store in EasyWorship

  1. For installing free media that comes with a subscription, see:
    Downloading Free Media

  2. For purchasing and downloading media, see:
    EasyWorship Media Store
    Downloading Purchased Media

Playing Videos

  1. In the Resource area, click the Media tab.
  2. Select Videos from the Resource Library on the left.
  3. Drag and drop a video to the Schedule Area.
  4. Select that video in the schedule and click the Go Live button.
  5. You may also select a video in the Resource Area and click Go Live.

Deleting Videos

In the Resource Area

  1. Click the Media tab.
  2. Right click the video that you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. A message appears asking if you want to permanently delete the video.
  5. Click Yes to delete the video.

Drag and Drop Features

  1. Add to Schedule: Drag and drop a video into the schedule from the Images tab.
  2. Use as Background: Drag a video onto a song in the Schedule to assign that image to a song as a background.
  3. Add a New Video: Drag and Drop a video from any folder in Windows to the videos area.

Using Videos in Presentations and Songs

When creating or editing a presentation or song, you can access videos from the media drop down. You can drag and drop videos on to slides as an element or drag it to a slide in the Schedule Area to make it a background for that slide.

In the Inspector

  1. Click Background under Slide.
  2. Change the Fill Style to Media Fill.
  3. Click the dropdown next to Select Media to select the video you wish to use as the background.
  4. Click Apply to Theme to set the background for all slides.

Video Properties Editor

Follow these steps to edit the properties of any video in EasyWorship:

  1. Click on the Media tab in the Resource Area.
  2. Select Videos from the Resource Library on the left.
  3. Right-click on any video and select the option to Edit Video Properties.
  4. The Video Properties editor will appear, allowing you to customize properties of the video such as volume, aspect ratio, Mark In and Mark Out points, etc.

Properties Tab

  1. Play / Pause: The Play/Pause button starts and stops the video playback.
  2. Fast-Forward / Rewind: Single-clicking skips forward or backward one chapter. Holding the FFW or RWD buttons down will fast forward or rewind the video.
  3. Continuous Play / Repeat (for Preview): This button allows you to loop the DVD clip you are viewing or let it stop at the end of the clip.
  4. Mute & Volume (for Preview): This button and volume slider only controls the audio while working with the DVD clip. The audio will not be muted on playback.
  5. Title : Type the name of the DVD clip in this field.
  6. Thumbnail: Click the humbnail box on the right to set the thumbnail. (This takes a snapshot of what is currently in the player window)
  7. Clip Properties: Start Position is the time at which the DVD clip will start. Use the up and down arrows to manually adjust the time. Mark In sets the start position of the DVD clip. Click this button as the DVD clips plays to set the start position. End Position is the time at which the DVD clip will end. Use the up and down arrows to manually adjust the time. Mark Out sets the end position. Click this button as the DVD clips plays to set the end position. Reset simply resets the Start and End Points.
  8. Media Properties: Allows you to set Media Usage to Background or Foreground; Allows you to set Repeating to On or Off; Allows you to set Aspect Ratio to Maintain, Stretch or Zoom.
  9. Audio Properties: Allows you to change the volume of the DVD clip when you go live with it. The volume slider allows you to set the volume of the DVD clip for playback to the audience. Mute allows you to mute the audio on the DVD clip if you don’t wish to use the audio portion of the DVD.

Info Tab

  1. Title: Enter the name of the video clip in this field.
  2. Author: Enter the Author in this field.
  3. Copyright: Enter copyright info in this field.
  4. © Button: Pressing the copyright logo button adds the copyright logo to the copyright field.
  5. Description: This drop down allows you to enter a description for the video clip.
  6. Tags: This drop down allows you to enter tags for the clip.
  7. The OK button saves the video properties and closes the window. The Cancel button cancels all changes and closes the window without saving.

Here are a couple links to training videos to help you add and edit videos:

How To Add Media

How To Edit Media Properties

If you still need further assistance, please contact EasyWorship Support.

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