Implement Standard Windows Editing Commands in Song Editor


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When editing a song some of Windows editing commands don't do anything an example being the CTL-Z (Undo) and Shift CTL-Z (Redo) commands.
Another editing anomaly is if there are tabs in a line that you want to delete you can't if the line above has the same tabs. The whole line has to be re-entered.
A further editing issue is that with one of the earlier updates, if you had blank verse labels in a song (it put the first line of each verse into the label field. Trying to edit this out is very difficult, you end up with the whole verse in the label field or loosing the first line altogether and with no undo command you have to start all over again.

Why is this feature important to you?

Initially to make editing a song easier as it is in any other text editor or indeed the same as EW2009 was and to save time and avoid frustration.


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Lack of 'Undo' feature is major factor.  Copy and paste is sometimes unpredictable, e.g. if one copies the Chorus and pastes it after the verses, sometimes it works correctly and other times it messes up the Label, requiring further editing to correct.
Why is the feature important?
It would avoid frustration and having to restart the whole edit after a severe bit of mistyping or accidental deleting.  More efficient editing process.
The Inspector in the song editor doesn't have a button for OK or Cancel, but saves on clicking the 'X' without confirming with the user.  It is not clear the purpose of the 'Song number' field, as it doesn't seem that it can be displayed as a column in the song database display.
Why is the feature important?
Mistakes in inserting data in the Inspector cannot be abandoned.  The song number would help us search on the song number from our hymn books - this can be done only if it is inserted in the title line or the song number was used as a column in the song database display.


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Undo has been added a feature in EasyWorship 7.