"Notes" in Database

I would like to see the ability to put "notes" by a song title in the database, but not have it show on-screen.  For instance, we have some songs with two versions:  one is "As Written" the other may be "Youth Group Version" - so I would know which one to incorporate in the schedule.  In EW 2009 I put this in the information window next to the song title, but put it in parenthesis.  It seemed that if it was in parenthesis, it did not show.  Now in EW6, it shows in the lower left corner near the CCLI information.

Thanks for your consideration!

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I wasn't aware of the feature in EW 2009 but it would certainly be useful to have extra information available when selecting songs that does not reach the screen. I currently add a  * to the end of a song title to identify it as the one that is currently in use, but being able to add something like "Matt's version" would make song selection much quicker.

It certainly would be very very useful for us to add comments such as "Matt's version" to songs in the database that didn't reach the screen.

I have several songs in my database dating back for years some of which have different arrangements and in the title I have the song name then the comment.

e.g.  Jesus Is Lord - Brads Version

        Jesus Is Lord - Chris's Version.

There are also several songs with the same name - say from different song books or authors so I always do the same


Song Name - Hillsong

Song Name - Songs of Praise.

That to me is a pretty easy way to do it as you add the song or save in a different arrangement or for a song with the same name but different author's.