Song Arangements

> How would you like the feature to work?

From the user interface, when selecting a song some kind of optional tab/button/thing to select an alternate arrangement.  When saving an arrangement, the user would be prompted to give it a name and optionally make it the default arrangement for the song when selected.

> Why is this feature important to you?

For a number of our common songs Worship Leader A likes V1 C V2 C V3 C whereas Worship Leader B likes C V1 C V2 C Bridge.

We inevitably end up with one saved in the database and have to edit it somewhat constantly to get things sorted.  Have the ability save a number of alternate configurations of the same song would save our projection team a bit of frustration each week.

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Slide sequence automation

In another product (nameless! to protect the superiour!) the ability to setup an automatied sequence of - v1, c, v2, c, v3, c, c - is of great assistance particularly when the EW operator is unfamiliar with the song.

Also when the sequence is typcially - v1, v2, c, v3, c, bridge, c - things get more complicated.

Yes I know we can cut and paste slides all over the show (i.e. in advance) - however this doesn't help if the worship leader and/or musicians extemporise the sequence. Then it is VERY useful to have feww slides and be able to keep a smaller set in view on screen to identify where they have gone!



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