Additional option for splitting Scriptures


Currently scriptures can be split on Verse or Automatic, For most cases splitting on a Verse is resulting in too many slides, while the standard split breaks the scripture at random places in a line.

Would it be possible to add the possibility to split scriptures on characters like , . or ; so that scriptures are split in a more logical way? In the attached sample in verse 6 a text is quoted by the ' sign. In that case it would be nice if the qouted . at the end (.') would be kept together. 
I also see that a lot of slides still have one  till one and a half line left so there could fit more on the slide.
what is the treshold that Easyworship uses to determine the split?

In the attached samples the end of Verse 4 would already fit on slide 1, and in the case of slide 2, the word "scheidt.'" from slide 3 would fit easily on slide 2.

Manually breaking the slides on more logical places is quite tedious if the are a lot of verses.

I hope others support this enhancement also.


Gerrit Koelewijn

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