Hotkeys Shortcuts

How would you like the feature to work?

1.) After typing into the search field I would like a shortcut to immediately add to the schedule. Ex: Type, "It is well" then CTRL + ENTER to add to the schedule. Currently, pressing enter puts the song into the live pane; which is good when you need something now.

2.) It would be nice if you could press CTRL + F to select the search field; similar to how an internet browser or word processor uses the find function. Here is how I envision this working: CTRL + F, it is well, CTRL + ENTER. This would select the search box, select the song, then add to schedule.

3.) Move items in the schedule with the keyboard. Simply pressing CTRL and the up or down arrow key to move the selected item up or down in the schedule. Arguably not necessary since it can be dragged and dropped to any location but a shortcut is nice too.

4.) Change the search context with a shortcut. Let's say that I'm already in Songs and I want to get to Media. What about CTRL + right arrow key twice?

5.) Not a shortcut, but could the panes become movable and/or editable? The size adjustments are wonderful, but the ability to add or delete panes would be good too. Too much customization? Haha! 

Why are these features important to you?

I work at my church and set up all the tech before rehearsal for Sunday's. Moving the mouse to the search field, typing, moving back to the mouse, dragging to the schedule, moving back to select images, type/scroll, drag and drop seven or eight times isn't my idea of fun. Don't get me wrong, this is great for people that are doing slides on the fly or just want to serve on the team without much training. But for someone that does this as part of their job, I believe a little more efficiency goes a long way. In the end, I might save a few minutes per schedule, but those extra minutes could be used for fellowship and connecting to the community sooner. 

Thanks you guys for being flexible and at least considering our requests. There are ways that EW6 is better than 2009, but adding these changes would definitely make it our new projection software.

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Currently if you have the live output turned off, pressing enter adds the song to the schedule. If the live is turned on, enter sends the item to the live screen.