Set a Song to Clear in the Schedule

How would you like the feature to work?

In the schedule, there would be an option to set the song lyrics to only show on the foldback screen. It would be good to have some sort of screen notification that the song is set to not show lyrics on the primary screen.  Perhaps a watermark diagonal stripe or X.  It would also be good if this could selected on certain slides in the song, so yu could still have a title slide or if there was a single verse in a song that is only sung by the praise team/chior.

Why is this feature important to you?

We have and use the foldback screen, and it is a great feature.  For solos, it is often times desired for only the soloist to be able to see the lyrics on the screen facing them without the congregation also seeing the lyrics. This can be done by hitting the Clear button, but you have to remember to turn it on, and then turn it back off again.  It also has to be communicated to the person running the presentation. Since we know ahead of time when this will be needed it would save time, and energy and prevent errors to be able to set this up ahead of time..