Media "watch folders" rather import

How would you like the feature to work?

Rather than "importing" media into EW6, I think it would be better to tell EW6 where your media is stored and it simply "watches" said location(s) for media of the given type. For example, we have all of our motion backgrounds in a folder, under videos, named "motion loops"...

If tell EW6 that this is where my videos are, then when EW6 launches, it should just scan that location and have an internal pointer (perhaps a link) to those files.  This way, if i have to add videos to EW6, I simply add to the location that it is monitoring and then refresh (if EW6 is currently running) and it picks up the new videos.  The same for all other media assets...

Why is this feature important to you?

1) Space.  we currently have 10gig of motion loops in our video best i can tell, when we import videos into EW6, it is actually copying all of those videos to the \Default\Resource\Videos folder...doubling the amount of space we are using, per media asset category!

2) separation of assets - keep all media separate form the program so that if/when formats/reinstall happen  we can be back up and running just by pointing EW6 back to the media repositories.

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