Ability to clearly identify the last verse of a song

How would you like the feature to work?

We would like to have the option to only show the copyright information on the last verse / chorus of a song, although we would be open to other ways of identifying the last verse.

Why is this feature important to you?

Although we are aware that EasyWorship is designed to be non-linear we do use it in a linear fashion for songs. When we started using PowerPoint several years ago for the songs we put the author and copyright on the last slide only which our congregation liked because they know to sit down after the verse. Since moving to EasyWorship we are having to manually remove the copyright information from all but the last verse after adding the song to the schedule.

We don't use the verse / chorus titles to provide us with more space for words on the slides and if we remove the copyright information from the songs in the library they are no longer affected by changes to the default theme and if a new theme is applied to them the copyright information is re-added to all of the slides.

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