Need expanded preview icon on the Large side

Using the "Live with Resource Preview" view option on version 6.4.8 (recently upgraded from build 3.3).  The Slider in the upper right corner of the resource preview is much more limited on the large icon end than pre 4.xx builds.

The way we use EW, All our stage monitors show duplicates of the primary user interface because our musicians and worship leader drive our services.  They need to see previews of song verses for the current song and they need to be a little larger than the upper limit that has been encoded into the 4.xx builds.  This could be done with all builds prior to 4.xx

This is forcing us to use the inelegant solution of lowering our screen resolution to get the preview slides close to something useful by our musicians.

Could you upload a screenshot of this issue if you are still experiencing it?

It's been two years since that post.  Evidently we learned to live with the situation.  If I'm remembering correctly this wasn't an issue like a bug in the program but more of a conscious design change by the programmers.

I've attached a screen shot from EW 6 build 5.5.  The slider I spoke of appears in the drop down menu circled in red.  It controls the size of the preview slides to the left of the Output window.  In the screen shot below the slider is all the way up and showing the preview slides at their maximum size.

In the versions previous to those mentioned in my first post, when the slider was at the top the preview slides were so large they almost touched.  Actually the more I think about it the slider could make the preview slides so large that  there would only be one slide per row. Anyway there was a whole lot less WASTED white space.  


This may be due to the large width of your Preview section.

You may try thinning it up.

Check out the attached image, I think that is what you are referring to.

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