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Searching for songs in database

In the old easy worship 9 I like the feature where you can search for songs by the first line of the song or slide. This feature is missing in the  new version (does anyone have an idea incase I’m doing something wrong)


Verse 1

A charge to keep I have, A God to glorify, A never-dying soul to save, And fit it for the sky.

Verse 2

To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill: Oh, may it all my pow’rs engage To do my Master’s will!

In the old Easy worship 9 I can search for “to serve the present age” and still get the song But now I can’t. I need some help. Kindly give a thumb up for this feature to be added, if you are experiencing the same problem or think it should be added. Thank you.

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click on the icon at the left side of the search bar. It will change to a magnifying glass. After that, it works the way you want is:)

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Have you continued to experience issues with this since Harm van Dijk commented?

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