Feature Request: Enable alternate location for Temp files



How would you like the feature to work?
I would like the ability within the Options Dialog to set an alternate folder and path for EasyWorship to use for storing it's Temp folders and files. This would allow users to specify a location outside of the default 'Windows User Profile' Temp location.

Why is this feature important to you?
This feature is important so that users can move the EasyWorship Temp folder and path out of the 'Blocked' location of the AppData folder tree, so that the new path can then be added to the 'Trusted Locations' list within the MS PowerPoint Trust Centre.
Being able to do this will allow users to use PowerPoint Presentations that EasyWorship has copied to it's Temp folder without having the Trust Centre Security Dialog display each time a PowerPoint Presentation is activated within the EasyWorship System.

Jonathan R Portwood.
IT Consultant,
PQSA Services.

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