Save database on exit

How would you like the feature to work?

When you exit Easy Worship have option to save the database.  When the database is saved it deletes the oldest one in the folder  (for instance only keep the latest 3 saves)

Why is this feature important to you?

We have several remote users who I would like to provide VPN access to the shared database file.  Since VPN's are known to corrupt files on occasion,  we will need a backup.  Without a way for remote users to access the shared database they all just produce there own PowerPoints at home and bring them to the church on memory sticks which we load into Easy Worship and lose all the benefits of shared resources and features of Easy Worship 6.  The model to follow is Intuit QuickBooks.   Our church accountant and CPA do all their work over VPN on our local database and backup their work upon exit.  Of course another cloud based solution will be welcomed like Google Drive.

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