Print schedule in slides format (similar to powerpoint)

 How would you like the feature to work?

  • To be able to print the whole schedule in a slides format (preferably 6 slides per page) similar to how we can do printing in powerpoint.

Why is this feature important to you?
  • Pastors like to have the whole schedule in printed format, put into a file so that they can use it for reference during service as we do not have feedback monitor previously.
  • Recently, feedback monitor was installed, but pastors insist of having it in printed format as a "fail-save" feature just in case the feedback screen is not working.
  • To avoid staff to duplicate in work effort to get schedule out (in EW and powerpoint) for service after switching to EW.
  • Unable to use any workaround from the current available print function - tried to print whole schedule in details (pdf) and then reduce it by setting to print 6 pages in a single printed page as suggested in previous forum thread. As it was printing the entire song in a single page, the printed words was so small that it was not possible to read anything from the printout.

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