Duplicate a Presentation file

How would you like the feature to work?

  • Have the ability to copy and paste a presentation within the presentation tab
  • Have the ability to rename the copy of the presentation

Why is this feature important to you?

  • Currently, the only way to "copy" a presentation is to export it, then import it
  • Even when this occurs, sometimes EZW6 says that it can't import as there's already a presentation by that name
  • It'll be easier to edit presentations that only need 1 or 2 changes as opposed to having to redo the entire presentation¬†

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As a work-around for the time being: 

You can drag the presentation into the Schedule,

Right-click on the Presentation and select Edit Item...,

Make the necessary changes and then change the Title,

Then click OK to save your changes,

Now you can right-click on the Presentation again and select Check Schedule for Changes,

This will bring up the Import window and you can import the now unique Presentation into the Presentations database.

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It appears that each Presentation created in EasyWorship (referring to my current build has a unique identifier other than the Title. 

I followed the workaround suggestion above, and it did not work. Although it created a 'new' Presentation with the new Title, any changes made in the 'new' Presentation appeared in/affected the 'old' Presentation that was duplicated, and vice-versa. Changing the Title in EasyWorship and Checking Schedule for Changes does not make it an independent item in the available Presentations resources.

However, I was able to export a Presentation, change the file name in Windows, and then import and made independent edits. 

I'm not sure why this is deferred, it would seem to be a relatively easy addition and is needed as a timesaver by those who use the software weekly. I have used the software for nearly 3 years and just became aware of this features request and voting section. A message to all users to come and vote would help guide truly-needed updates. Thank you.

Having the ability to copy and paste a presentation within the presentation tab would streamline the editing process, allowing you to duplicate an existing presentation and make necessary changes without starting from scratch. Renaming the copied presentation would help you keep track of different versions or variations of the same presentation.

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