Frustrated with overlays

I am relatively new to Easy Worship, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to use overlays.  I watched the tutorial and it did NOTHING for my brain.  What I want to do....and forgive me if I don't know the proper terminology....I have downloaded some "title media" overlays (things like Tithes & Offerings) that don't have a background, it's just black, and I want to put a picture behind it so it matches with my backgrounds that I have picked for our songs.  But, when I go to drag and drop a picture on the overlay, nothing happens.  I then try to drag and drop the overlay onto a picture, same thing, nothing happens. 

Is this something that is actually possible, or is it just a pipe dream?  What is the purpose of title overlays if you can't put them on a background?  

Sorry for your frustration. You can add an overlay on top of any background or other element. You do have to have the overlay on top, you won't want to make it the actual background. 

The overlays should be in .webm format.

Here's a short video


That worked!  Thank you so much.  I appreciate the help.

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