Midi Connection between Loop and EW7

I can get Loop to advance slides within a selected live song.  However, I cannot get it to go to the next item in the schedule.  The EW video is prior to the current version of Loop, so I am not sure if it is a Loop thing or if I am just missing something.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

It works the same for either version of Loop's Prime app. 

You have to add 2 cues for it to advance to the next scheduled item.

What I use is "Schedule No." So add the cue and set it to Note 15, and set the Velocity to the schedule item number. So if your schedule item is the third one, set the note to 15 and the velocity to 3 and save it.

Then create the next cue right after that one and use "Goto Pres. Start" which tells it to go to the first slide of that scheduled item. Set the Note to 10 (you can leave velocity at 0 since it isn't used) and save it.

Now when you play the song and it hits those 2 cues, it will select that scheduled item and then go to the first slide.

Thanks. I was hoping for a generic next in schedule cue so that we can save it universally. I'll just have to adjust the cues each time we use the songs.

There is. You can use Next Schedule and set the Note to 7 instead of 15. Leave the velocity at 0 since it won't be used. Sorry I didn't mention that before, I like to use Schedule No. myself, but either way will work.

You can get to this screen by clicking on Remote > MIDI > and then click the gear icon next to your MIDI control and then click the Input Cues tab. It shows a list of all available MIDI input cues.

Thanks for the help.  Turns out all I needed was a Note 10.  Every time i did a Note 7, then 10, it kept switching one song too far.  When I got rid of the 7, it advanced properly.

Thanks again...

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