Displaying Scriptures with Correct Line Endings

After displaying a psalm on our screens at church yesterday I received a complaint that I had removed all of the line endings, so instead of reading poetry we were reading prose. So why does EW display scriptures without the correct line endings and is there a way to correct that automatically rather than having to edit every slide manually?

I'm not sure what you mean by correct line endings?

Is the verse automatically flowing onto another slide? If so, you can change that in the Options under Edit.

Thanks Dan,

To try to explain, I'm attaching three photo files, one from the printed Bible which we use and two from EW.

I would like to be able to make the slides match the layout of the printed Bible so that we see poetry - two lines per verse in this particular Psalm, with a new line after each comma. So I've attached one photo of the EW slide as it appears directly, and a second after I edited it manually to match the layout as shown in the printed Bible.

So is it possible to achieve this automatically? This is the question.



There is not a way to achieve this automatically. You would need to edit the scripture in the schedule manually as you're doing now.

Thanks Dan,

I appreciate the straight answer. Is there a possibility that this feature could be added in the future – the ability to utilise the line and paragraph breaks which (I presume) are present in the scripture text files? As a typesetter that's something I would value.


I don't know. You can add it to the feature requests in the forums.

Thanks Dan, I have now found the correct feature request area and posted a similar request there.

Thanks for your help.

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