Transfer songs between computer not on same network

Hi, I was hoping to see if there is something I am not doing correctly. I have easy worship on main computer at the church, and on my laptop from home so I can create a schedule for service at the luxury of being home. I noticed that when I set up a song that is stored on the database on my laptop it does not update the changes to the song on the computer at the church, even though it's set up threw the same I'd and profile.. I can save the song on a flash drive and transfer it that way thru the schedule I created on laptop. I was just curious is there a way to update the database without transferring from USB drive.
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There isn't any cloud integration in EW that would update a second computer when a different one is updated. The main options are using a USB drive, uploading to a cloud service then down to the second computer, or sending it via an e-mail. 

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