EW 7 Locking up

In 3 out of our last 5 services EW has locked up and the only way to terminate is with Task Manager. The are no warning signs - EW simply refuses to accept input. The only other application running is the Edge browser which handles live streaming. Should we roll back to an earlier version?

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You need to install the most current version from this link   EasyWorship 7 Software Download : EasyWorship

Two main things I see. First you are running an old and outdated version of EW You need to update to which fixes a lot of various issues.

Second, your computer does not even meet the Minimum hardware requirements to run EW, let alone the recommended requirements. EW REQUIRES a dedicated graphics card to run properly. It will not run well on Integrated Graphics like your Intel UHD graphics integrated into the CPU. EW7 depends more on the Graphics to run than it does on the Cpu so a good graphics card is a must.

A few other things that would help tremendously. 1) You should upgrade your Ram to 16 gigs from the 8 you have. 2) You should replace the spinning rust hard drive with a Solid State Drive. They are extremely cheap at the moment. A 500 gig Crucial MX500 goes for $35 US from Amazon at the moment and are very high quality. You would be amazed how much that would help EW run smoothly. 3) Make sure that you set the Power Plan to Performance. That assures that the computer will run at it's peak performance. Desktops tend to default to Ballanced which lowers the performance. Laptops are even worse and tend to default to Power Saving mode which absolutely destroys performance.

Thanks - I'll forward the info and suggestions to the proper channels.

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