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I didn't see a search option when I entered this sub forum so I don't know if this has been suggested before.

This is more of a complaint than a feature suggestion.

During service, we rarely have an outline from the preacher, so when presenting verses to the live stream, it's done on the fly and seconds matter. As to those seconds, there is a nasty design flaw (IMO) of how you handle keyboard focus indication in the search textbox:

Your software highlights whatever item has keyboard has in blue. This item could be a schedule item, a slide in the preview area, the search textbox, or an item in the search results, such as songs, a verse, whatever.

When you select a verse in the search area, it is turned blue, as expected, but it also turns the text in the search textbox blue. I am assuming this is because there is a pseudo-keyboard focus going on under the hood. I can hit the left/right arrow keys and it will select the next/previous verse in the results area, or I can start typing a book name and it will change the text in the search textbox, and highlight chapter 1, verse 1 of the new book.

The problem with this is that I don't realize that 'true' keyboard focus is not on the textbox. For example, let's say I have John 3:16 selected in the search results area. I see 'blue' in the textbox (not noticing the blue in the search results are). I start typing 'Rev' cause I need to jump to Revelations. I hit the right arrow key to now start inputting the chapter - but I get a costly and nasty surprise: I've jumped back to John 3:17, and the textbox has changed to reflect that.

This is wholly unacceptable in my opinion.

I have 1 of 2 solutions I would recommend:
  1. If the textbox does not have 'true' keyboard focus, it can still accept text input, but it should be highlighted in the medium gray you use to show selected (but not keyboard focused) items. This way as I start to type and I see it gray and not blue, I know I need to quickly click in there with the mouse so I don't jump back to a wrong location.
  2. If I start typing and the textbox accepts that input, it should then take 'true' keyboard focus - and keyboard focus should be removed from the selected item. That way as I hit the right arrow key, then the chapter is then selected so I can type that, and I don't jump back to a completely different book. Also, nothing else, including the actively highlighted verse result item, should NOT have keyboard focus. Result items should only have keyboard focus if I've clicked on them.
#2 would be the preferred solution in my opinion. I expect that if a textbox is accepting my keyboard input and the text is changing, then NOTHING else should have keyboard focus or steal focus (unless I hit the tab key).

I get (a little) why you designed it the way you did, but this behavior is absolutely a deviation on what normal Windows keyboard focus behavior should be that is industry standard (software in general that is).

Last, as to the nasty jump behavior: I can never seem to trigger it on purpose. But it happens frequently, and always at the worst possible time. I do know from it happening it enough, it's always due to the textbox text being highlighted blue (indicating keyboard focus) there is another item somewhere on the screen also highlighted in blue, and as soon as I hit the arrow key, that other item takes over and causes the jump.

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Getting this resolved would be great as we are having the same issue.

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