enter button changed on ew7

i have a little issue, not a bug, but it is a bit annoying,

the case is, 

When I'm at the chorus in a song, then I press the clear button (ctrl+c) to clear the lyric, and then I move to the Verse by pressing the V and Enter key. Why did the lyric suddenly appear immediately. Even though I didn't command it to show (by pressing ctrl+c for second time).

can you guys help me, I'm not comfortable with this this , because i need to wait until i have to show the lyric 

i just moved to ew7 from ew6.

They changed many of the hotkeys (like Ctrl + C for clear) starting with the 7.3 series. If you upgraded from 6 to a version later (or higher than 7.3) you might need to revert the Hotkeys back to the older set. See the article link below.


thanks Donal, i'll try it later.

@donal Funkhouser

i think it is a bug, it does not keep clear, until you press any  button+enter..
and about article you send to has does not related

can you show me the link, where i can find the last version (6 version), please?


That previous article was for later versions of EW7. It does not apply to EW6.


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