Software license


I am trying to located the software license so i can input my key.


Kindly help activate my key please.

Thank you

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Timoo7784, you need to contact support directly to get help with your license. We cannot help you with that over the community forums

send an email to or

please help me with my licence

You need to purchase an EasyWorship subscription to be able to remove the watermark. 

EasyWorship Pricing

Thank you for your response. The model of EW I have has the EW watermark and that’s not what I want. I want the EW without a watermark and that was why I was trying to use the EW key. Kindly help activate my EW, Name: Tom Akintobi Email: Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

That is not an EasyWorship key. There is not a key to register EW anymore. It is done by email and password.

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