Do we purchase a license for copyright through EZW or directly with CCLI and displaying songs are included in the price with EZW.

Also, if we have songs that aren't in the EZW, do we have access to write songs. 

CCLI is a different company. In order to legally display copyrighted material, you would have to a CCLI license. To download songs from Song Select into EW is also from CCLI you have to pay them since it is a different company and not related to EasyWorship at all. 

Part 2 of my question; is there an additional fee to display songs for worship are that's included in the premium package?

This is a common question since we integrate with SongSelect.

As Terry mentioned, they are a different company than EasyWorship. EasyWorship provides the software that sends content to your screens and we also provide some public domain songs (which are free to display to an audience), lots of media, and Bibles.

We don't provide any kind of license to display copyrighted songs. This is where CCLI comes in. When your church purchases a license through CCLI, (depending on the size of your church), that gives you the license to display copyrighted lyrics to your congregation. If you want to be able to import songs from their SonsSelect Lyric service directly to your EasyWorship database, you can also purchase that license through CCLI.

If you want to type in your own song lyrics to your EasyWorship database, you can do so with the song editor.

Hopefully that makes sense. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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