Software Freezes when transitioning to video

We have been running Easyworship 6 for years (since before I got here). Lately, it freezes up whenever videos are played.  As I worked through it today, I discovered that it only seems to happen when a video is started using the keyboard shortcuts.  In 3 hours of testing this morning, it didn't freeze once as long as I used the mouse.  If I used the keyboard shortcuts, about 7 out of 10 times, the whole program would freeze and become non-responsive when trying to play a video.  Anyone else experience this?  I would love to upgrade to 7, but I can't do that if we are going to have issues like this.

I have not heard of anyone having this kind of issue before. It could be an issue with EW6 and windows updates. EW6 hasn't been updated in a few years and it isn't supported any longer. 

Have you installed the EW7 demo and tested to see if it has the same issue on your computer?

Make sure you have the latest build of EasyWorship.

Click on help, check for updates.

you had better download Easy Worship 7. Here is the link to download:

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