Searching for Audio in Presentation

When adding audio media to a slide in Presentation Editor, the view of audio files (apparently large icons) makes it very difficult to know what the audio files are. there's a black box for each file, such a with image files, and the file name is underneath and cut off after a limited number of characters.  This works fine for image files, and even video files because there's something to see visually, but it is a pain for audio files as I have to rely on the file name and not an image or video of the file.  You need to change this, so that when inserting audio, (using the Media dropdown in Presentation Editor), the full audio filename is shown and NOT an image placeholder.  Either that or add an option to change the view in the Media dropdown file list.  If this option already exists, it's not apparent.

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Thanks for this request. I find this myself to be frustrating. Having the option to view details in the dropdown would be very helpful.

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