I am from The House of Blessings, and I have a small query for our church.

Currently we have a one PC for the technical and streaming.

We extend the display to the monitor in front during praise and worship, for everyone to know the lyrics. 
When we go live on easyworship, it is being shown in the monitor in front.

But we want to step it up a notch for the viewers, we want to stream it on OBS as to where we are showing the live camera feed, but with the lyrics during praise and worship, being shown in the lower thirds of the camera feed.

How will we do this?

You can enable the Alternate output in the options in EW and send it to OBS via NDI. You will set the output monitor for it to NDI stream. Then go to your themes and create a theme with no background and move the text box to the lower thirds and save it, then right click on it and set it as the default Alt out theme.

When you add that layer to OBS, you can have it on top of your camera feed in OBS.

I am also researching this as we prepare to upgrade to 7.  So, doing it this way, would I need to run the camera feed through easyworship?

If you send to OBS on a different computer, it would be best to have the camera feed directly into OBS and send the Alt out NDI from EW as a layer.

Is it better to do it all on one computer?  

Not necessarily. If you trust your computer is powerful enough to do it all then you can. Personally, I would rather have my livestream running from a separate computer.

I would definitely download EW7 demo and try and test it out.

That's kind of what I was thinking too, but all the videos seem to be on the same computer. I just kept thinking that seems like a headache waiting to happen to me. Somebody hits a wrong key and the Livestream goes down or we need to reboot the projection machine and the Livestream goes down.
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