multiple camera feed button switch (instead of black, clear, logo)

Hi admin, i would like to request some feature that might u consider to add to. can you provide some button (such cam1, cam2, etc instead of black, clear, logo button) to assign to cam feed so that we can switching seamlessly between multiple feed camera that we have in our EW by just press that button. right now we "utilized" logo button to assigned 1st cam out of 2 feed that we have; its done by set first the 1st feed cam as logo background, then we can easily to switch from text to cam live by just press logo button, but its limited on 1st cam only. it will takes time to set the 2nd cam as logo when we need quick switching in the middle of mass ceremony. hope that you would consider that. thanks before
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Thanks for the request. 

You can also just add the different feeds to the schedule and go live to them by double clicking on them for a quick and seemless transition.

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