New to this, have a simple question

Have less than 50 in attendance each Sunday service. My job is to take the lyrics from the songs, place them on the screen for everyone to read/sing. 

I want to do this from home and send to the church computer that runs the screen. The church computer already has easyworship loaded. 

My question, which program and at what level do I need to create the program on my home computer so I can send it to the system on the church system. 

If you're just wanting to create the schedule at home, you can install the demo of EW and create the schedules. If you want to register it with the church license, you can, but it isn't required.

you can then save your schedule on a cloud drive or USB drive to open on the church computer.

Install EW on your computer at home. Use the Transfer Tool (found in the link at the bottom of this post) to copy the profile from the Church computer to your computer so you have access to all of the existing songs, backgrounds, etc. Create a schedule at home and save it to a Flash Drive. Open that schedule on the Church computer, right click anywhere in the Schedule area, left click on the "Check schedule for changes" option to import any new songs into the Church's databases.

While you can do this without registering your home computer, but it would be better to register it so you have full access to any purchased Bibles or Media that you have purchased from EW. You can do this as long as you have a Campus License which is the only type of license EW has these days.

Another thing we do is use DropBox so that I send it to the Church PC once I have completed it at home. It is ready for operator use and the band can also practice and check everything is okay for the service.  

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