Need midi to change to next item

Currently if using midi, you have to use multiple midi cues to change to the next item in the schedule. Would like to have a midi cue that changes to next item the same way that a presentation clicker changes it with just one button press. I want to be able to use a three button midi controller. with the current midi configuration, you are unable to change to next item with just one button. All i need it forward, back and next item. Please can we make this happen.
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Boss released a new Bluetooth midi controller that I thought I would try out and now have a second request. The controller only sends out cc and pc midi commands. And ew7 only recognizes note on/off commands. So would like to be able to have ew recognize the cc commands and also be able to recognize this device as a midi controller over Bluetooth. But I think that's a windows issue as it basically sees it as just a keyboard. It's the boss fs-1-wl if anyone wants to look into it. Would love to have native support. I have it working but having to run two additional programs to accomplish this.
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