Streaming with OBS and EasyWorship on two seperate computers

I am sure that this has been covered somewhere, but I cannot find it. We have EasyWorship on one pc and send it to a couple of screens in our sanctuary. We have a second pc that is using OBS to stream the service to Facebook. We want to be able to show the missionary videos, announcements along with scripture on the stream. Where in the world do I start. We have EasyWorship 7. Thanks in advance for all of the help!

More info. We are currently streaming services. We have an Elgato capture device. I just have no idea how to add the EW7 stuff to our stream. I found a couple of videos, but they appear to be when everything is on one pc. We have two pc's with EW on one and OBS hooked up the the capture device on the other one.

Two easy options, if they are on the same network, use NDI Alt Output of EW. Add this as a NDI source in OBS.

We also run NDI scan converter (I think the new version is called screen capture) on our main FOH output as sometimes we do want to just mirror the FOH on the stream. This is just another NDI source in OBS pulling over the network (gigabit connection)

We have a fully functioning system that sends the EasyWorship output from a standard Windows 10 from the extended screen setting (WindowsKey+P) to a video converter attached to a Mac Book Pro. This is input a video stream input to the StreamLabs ( OBS). This software as you know sends the signal to YouTube or wherever you want to add as a livestreaming output. Sound from the church comes from the H&A mixer and again inputted into the Mac using a Sound to digital convertor -> becomes a Audio Input in OBS. The camera of the church is dealt with as another video stream and mixed in OBS as a window. The Easy Worship window is placed in front of the camera window. A file containing the date and time is displayed at the bottom. Created through Mac terminal window
church@Churchs-MacBook-Pro ~ % while true ; do date '+%H:%M:%S' > now_date.txt ; sleep 1 ; done
 Lag times need setting up. Very solid setup.

Hope that helps someone. If any one needs help please contact

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