Computer freezing


Ever since I updated Easy Worship this past week when I am working in Easy Worship the program is freezing and I have to completely shut down my computer to get it to work again.  Why is this doing this?

Kyra Oaks

Trinity Lutheran Church

Download a fresh copy of the installer from the link below. Reboot your computer, don't open ANY programs, re-install EW from the fresh installer (this is called a Repair Install), then reboot the computer when the install finishes. See if that fixes your issues.

Kyra, please contact support as soon as you can by going to to schedule a callback with a tech. We would like to get a bug report from your computer to find out why it's freezing for you.

In the meantime, you can download and install the previous build here:

EasyWorship build

I did another update and it seems to working fine now.  Will let you know if I have any more problems.

Strange. I did an update but it only worked on the first use. After rebooting, the problem occurs again. coreball

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