Format of Revision field in Songs.db

Hi,  Season Greeting to you all.  In previous versions of EasyWorship I was able to keep track of any changes my users made to songs because I could export the table and see the revision dates for the songs and compare them with my master copy of the database. 

I can still export the songs.db file to SQL Studio tool but I cannot decipher the revision number e.g. 4181614272200570000 although obviously I can see that the revision number has changed.

Are you able to share with me the format of the revision number - If it is some form of coded timestamp, what coding protocol is is using - e.g. it's too large a value to be a unix timestamp and there are several  varieties of timestamp formats out there in the wild.

Thanks in advance if you are able to help and provide information on this. 




I got a reply from one of the developers on this. That number isn't a timestamp.  It's a 64-bit integer that is reasonably guaranteed to be unique even across multiple computers, but there is no actual date/time encoded in it. There aren't any fields in the song database that can be used to determine exactly when something was changed. 

Hello Dan, Thanks so much for taking the trouble to get back to me this.  Ahh, so it’s a guid? I’m sure I can devise some other way of keeping at eye on user changes that they might “forget” to tell me about

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