Assign Alt Theme per song/presentation

After realising that this feature wasn't available,

Would like the ability to be able to assign a theme for Alt Output per the item, instead of only one default.

Eg. We have a advent candle style theme for the readings on the live stream, currently have to set as default before we do the readings, and then change back. Missing the ability to assign this theme to this item for the Alt Output on this presentation item.

I think it would be beneficial as sometimes themes are not just one-fits-all

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This is something we are working on for a future release. 

However, if you're using a presentation for your readings, there are 5 different theme slides in a presentation. You can set the Content only slide for example with your advent candle background and create all your readings using the Content only slide in the presentation. Then set the rest of the presentation theme slides to whatever else you want them to be to use for other types of slides you use in presentations.

I hope that makes sense. That way, you wouldn't have to change default themes just for the readings.

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