Schedule Items not being moved to correct order sequence when dragging with mouse

EW Version Windows 10 Del M4800 Laptop

Has anyone else experienced this strange behaviour?  Asking here before raising a ticket on it. 

For a while now I and my fellow EW 'techie' - same build, different laptop have experienced an issue where if we want to change the order of items in a schedule we would click and drag the item using normal left mouse key drag behaviour. The selected item is picked up and the horizontal 'cursor' bar duly moves up or down indicating the place where the item would b e dropped into.   However, when we drop the item into the desired place it goes instead to another location, usually, but not always, to one item above where the location cursor bar points to. For example I have Schedule items 1 through 7. Lets say I want to drag Item 7 to be between items 2 and 3. I click on item 7 and drag so cursor bar is between items 2 an d 3. I release the mouse button and item drops into........between items 1 & 2 !

If I use the move up or move down in the Schedule context menu it works fine.  This behaviour also seems a bit random, sometimes it will work correctly, sometimes it will place the item several items away from the desired place. 

To try and troubleshoot I made and saved separate schedule files for each single item. I then created a new, blank schedule and dragged each single item schedule file back in  - A merge if you will.   The drag issue was then ok. But now, preparing a new schedule for Sunday upcoming, the problem is back again.  As I say, another user, same version, different machine is also seeing this strange behaviour.

Thoughts anyone?


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We have found this happens when we reuse an existing schedule. If we create a new schedule we can drag and drop items where we want them in the schedule.
Is this when I use an EW6 schedule as basis in EW7. Or always. A EW7 old basis schedule, to a new EW7 schedule with changes .

Yes I still have the same problem when I try to re-use an existing schedule. So I have to start over each time... which is really annoying.

Same problem too....  REALLY annoying. I have a new data person that I don't think will stay because of this issue....  Hopefully there will a fix soon!

We've had the same problem for quite a while now with EZW6 and I just figured it was time to upgrade.  Well, we finally did and we're experiencing the same issue.  when I drag items from a folder into EZW or try to re-order them it seems to quite randomly place them somewhere else or it might re-order other schedule elements.  The only way to get "expected" results is to drag items from bottom to top - that seems to work consistently.  But then if we have to replace any item, we need to re-scan for random changes and re-order (always dragging from bottom to top) one at a time until it is correct again.

Would appreciate a fix for this one.  Thanks. 

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