CCLI Auto-Reporting


How would you like the feature to work? 

  • Ability for song database to include metadata required for reporting (song ID, etc.)
  • Ability to try to match up existing songs in song database with CCLI SongSelect, e.g. based on title/artist/lyrics
  • Integrate with CCLI auto-reporting API to submit song usage information

Why is this feature important to you?

  • Saves on manual effort required to report song usage
  • More likely to keep me as a customer, especially when other worship software starts offering this functionality

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EasyWorship is the first, and currently the only, worship software using CCLI's new SongSelect API, so it's very possible we could be the first to use their auto-reporting feature.

This is something that has to be worked on in tandem with CCLI, so it all really depends on the business aspect of it all. 

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on this.

On their FAQ, they say "The presentation software we use isn’t listed. Does this mean we can’t connect to auto-reporting?" / "We’re already working with an array of partners to enable auto-reporting across the applications you already use and love."

So it sounds like CCLI are keen to work with partners like yourself.

Sorry to say EW will not be the first but please make it a priority. Please refer to ticket 119849 for details

At this moment there are currently 8 applications that auto-report to ccli: Presenter. Planning. MusicStand. Loop. Songbeamer. Onsong. Proclaim. Church Tools.

Is there any update on EasyWorship adding this feature yet?

I also need to know if and when Easy Worship will auto-report songs to CCLI. I may have to switch to one that does.

Annisfay, we just released the beta that has the new auto-reporting in it. BETA Available : EasyWorship 

Thanks so much for the beta auto-reporting. I’ll try it out. 

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