Audio ends before video

We are using Windows 10 with Easyworship 6 and using countdowns, videos, and bumpers from sermon central. When we play them the music or audio portion always finishes before the video ends. Sometimes by as much as 10 or 15 seconds. Has anybody else experienced this? Trying to figure out if this is an Easyworship issue, a sermon central issue, or a codecs issue. We are running the latest Easyworship version, with the latest codecs. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If you play the videos outside of EW, does it do the same thing? What format are they in? mp4, mov, wmv...?

Can you play one in EW and go to Help> Video Codec Troubleshooting and see what codec it's using and post a screenshot here for us?

Upgraded to EW7 problem solved.

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