Bringing in a Presentation from home laptop

We are running V7.3.0.13.  Just started having a problem loading Presentations from Home Laptop.  Our Media Assistant creates each service at home on her Laptop.  She saves the Presentation on a flash drive and she always uses the "Pack files" option.   When we load the Presentation on the Sanctuary PC, many of the images for the songs are not displayed.  If I try to edit one of those songs, the Inspector shows the correct background image file name.

Any ideas?

When you say 'presentation' I'm guessing you are talking about the Schedule?

When she saves the schedule, is she saving directly to the flash drive, or does she save to her computer first and then copy it to the flash drive?

If she's saving directly, have her save to the computer first and then copy it to the flash drive and see if that works. Sometimes it saves a lot slower to the flash drive or doesn't save properly and if it gets ejected before it's finished saving, that could be the issue.

Found the problem. There are two areas where you have to check the box to pack the schedule, 1st in the options menu, 2nd in the "save as window pop up".  When I save on the Sanctuary PC, the "save as window popup" has the pack files box checked and I never noticed it, but on her laptop, that box is unchecked and needs to be checked every time she saves..

Her laptop is running Win11, whereas the Sanctuary PC is on Win10, don't know if that is reason for the difference.

The one in the Options is the default setting. If she goes to Edit > Options on her computer and Advanced and checks the box to pack the files in the schedule, whenever she creates and saves new schedules, the box on the Save window will be checked by default. So, it only really depends on if that box is checked on the Save window or not whether it will pack it. It doesn't matter if it's checked in the options since that is just whether you want it already checked by default or not.

This setting won't affect already saved schedules. If she opens previously saved schedules where the files were not packed, she would have to do a Save As and check that box on the Save window to pack it.

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