FEATURE REQUEST - Built-In Audio Player

I would like to request the addition of a built-in audio player, independent from the schedule and presentations, that would allow users to play from a music library or a pre-curated playlist of songs. In addition, it would be extremely beneficial if playback from a music playlist/collection could be triggered by a slide (rather than linking individual songs to specific slides) to allow music to play independently of slide loops.

This would make the addition of playing pre-service music loops much easier on operators, rather than relying on external media players to manually accomplish this (e.g. MusicBee, iTunes, VLC, etc).

This has been a standard feature in ProPresenter for quite some time, so it is surprising that an equivalent has not yet been implemented into EasyWorship 7.

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I was just looking for this feature.  Having a built-in audio player or a way to reference a list of audio files for an announcement loop would be so helpful.  Having to manually created a file for the right length the loop is running makes it difficult and more time consuming.

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