Disable all media on Alternate Output

For our workflow it would be much better if we could disable media items (images, videos, powerpoints) from ever outputting to the alt output.

Currently we leave the alt output keyed over the livestream all the time but on the occasion that we use for example images for illustration during a sermon or play a video it plays on the alt output and covers the video feed.

I realise that I could probably get around this by creating presentations and putting in the media as backgrounds but our system is used by volunteers and the schedules are setup by our office person so the whole system needs to be as simple as possible.

Basically our ideal workflow is: 

Alt output for all words, always overlaid on the stream.

Main output for congregation and switched into the stream when needed.

I think it would make sense to have an option in the alternate output section to disable all foreground media. This would just leave the Alt output blank(transparent) when foreground media is playing.

Other than this the alt output feature has been great and we have mostly got our workflow and settings working smoothly.

Thanks, Tim.

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I have an update to this thread, as of version there is now an option to disable foreground media on the alternate output. This may be helpful for your live streaming workflow.

To make the change close easyworship, open the ComputerSettings.ini file in ProgramData and change "Show_Foreground=1" to Show_Foreground=0" and save the file.

This will make operating our livestream easier for our volunteers, thanks to the devs.

Another update, This setting works for video and images but not for powerpoint presentations. (Devs if you see this, is it possible to add this option?)

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